TK102B-MOD GPS Tracker

TK102B is the most popular cellular GPS tracker on the market. You only need a prepaid SIM card and it is ready to go. GPS coordinates can be acquired by SMS or through GPRS to be displayed in your web browser.

To be suitable for high altitude balloon operations we added an external On/Off switch which ensures that the unit will be turned on, even if it previously stopped due to the cold temperatures. The external switch is on a pigtail cable, so it could be operated when the GPS tracker is covered with insulation. With this solution, there is no need to open the balloon gondola before the flight and the tracker can be turned on just before launch to save battery time.

There are three switch options available: regular rocker switch, Remove Before Flight pin, JST-SM series wire-to-wire connector.

TK102B-MOD tracker has been proven itself in over 15 missions concluded by our team, providing precise coordinates to find the landing spot.


TK102B only works with 2G-compatible SIM cards! Please check 2G availability before purchase!

Never rely on only one tracker! Use different GPS trackers, even based on different technolgy to ensure a reliable recovery!

To get your own TK102B-MOD, just donate 45,00 EUR to support our student team!

Shipping costs will be added!