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Gear Up!

Get your own equipment!

Gear Up!

Get Your Own Gear

Purches equipment for your flight

If you would like to launch your own balloon mission, we can help you get all the equipment you need. From launch gear to onboard equipment we offer reliable, well-tested devices. 

Most of the equipment you find here is used by for our own balloon missions and proved their flight worthiness several times.

Mission Planning
Safety and Experience

We are planning and organizing high-altitude balloon flights since 2014. When starting a new launch campaign safety and successful recovery is what has the highest priority for us.

To maximize mission success we review the project requirements and check the feasibility of the plans. We select the proper equipment, resources, and accessories according to your specification. With powerful simulation tools, optimal launch window and launch site possibilities are advised.

Our team has a great experience in procurement, calculating mission parameters, launch site preparation, and legal matters with the Hungarian FAA.

As part of the 'Fly with Us' programme, we could make a feasibility check on your project proposal and give advice on critical points of your mission.

Launch Service
We lift you up

Need a ride to the Stratosphere? Our team has successfully launched more than twenty balloons already. These launches were both internal missions and commercial launches for third-party customers. Either if you have a completely assembled flight train or payload of any kind[1] we could help.

We use latex weather balloons and helium to inflate them. These balloons have already proven their quality in several missions. We have the know-how to select the best balloon size and inflation volume to reach the desired altitude for the mission. Since we work with standard latex balloons, the flight profile we support would be an 'ascend-burst-descend' trajectory.

Additionally, we could install a Flight Termination Unit to the flight complex, which would cut off the payload train at the given altitude. This way we would have a more controlled flight profile and the possibility to adjust ascent rate and flight time.

[1] due to air traffic regulations and flight safety, there are som restrictions on size and weight of payloads. For details please contact us!
Fly With Us!
Successful Launches
m^3 Helium
Flown Hours

If you have only your experiment or other kinds of payload ready to fly without an avionics module, we could fly that too. As part of our 'Fly with Us' programme we would provide a reliable balloon platform with GPS tracking and live communication. 

The avionics module of our balloon platform is developed by our engineers and tested rigorously. The platform is proven to be reliable for more than 5 consecutive flights without the necessity of major maintenance.

We would provide sufficient mechanical connection points to our platform for your flight-ready payload. In this case, your experiment should be self-contained, fly as is with its own power supply and data storage.

If you have a radio onboard or data connection, power supply, or storage needed then you should check out our End to End Mission package.

Payload Development
Where Science and Engineering Meets

Do you have your science ready but never built a hardware for rough environment? We can help you in the development of your experiment.

Do you need to operate your device in a low temperature, low pressure, or increased radiation environment? Does your experiment has to work remotely for a long time with no human interactions? These are the problems we face as we are going to the stratosphere.

Our engineers have great experience in developing electronics and designing reliable hardware for extreme conditions. We can help you from preliminary design through manufacturing and assembly to testing and operating your science experiment.

Our services are not exclusively near-space related. Be it remote sensing, in-situ measurements, autonomous operation, long-range communication, or extreme environmental conditions, you can contact us and get your personal offer now!

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